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davy: hi DC server needs restart .. laggy :) thx
zebra_hun: Wieso? Du muss nicht die Karte runterlade n. Ich teste immer die Karten.
Purista: wo gipps die maps wie inshallah valley zum runter laden ?
Spion: It works again
zebra_hun: Hi Spion, TS update möglich? "server version is too old" wenn wir konnekten wollen. Danke


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Framtaday Events: EoD Vietnam 10th & Star Wars/Pirates!
Hi friends of Eve of Destruction Vietnam Mod, it's Octobeeer!

Now it is summer happening again, Vietnam calls: "Charlie don't surf time"!

Already for the 10th time this year.

Her since being invited in regardless of whether your operating system is Windows XP, Vista, 7,8 or 10 means!

Friday night, the 07.10.2016 at 08:00pm CET o'clock we go, coat it on thick in your calendar or mobile Oragnizer.
For this year let's rock that 9th Friday mainevent on hslan.

Server Name: [hslan.de] EoD Classic 2.51
Port: 14567

The Second part of the news today comes here. We invite you this weekend to the Saturday Afternnon Pirates and Galactic Conquest Event on the 1942mods.com munity Server.

The Battlefield 1942 Community "1942mods.com" (undergoing a revamp) is pleased to announce the creation of a new dedicated server featuring two excellent mods: " Galactic Conquest" (Star Wars) and Battlefield Pirates! 1942mods.com invites you to join our next event! saturday October 8th. While other classic mods like DC, FH, BF1918 have their own servers and communities, there's been a lack of GC and BFP representation for some time now. We want to fix that.
The new server ("1942mods.com BFP, GC"Zwinker is listed through the [aX] master server so you'll be able to join if you're running any of the latest modified/patched BF1942 installations.

We're also thrilled to announce our first scheduled BFP+GC Event which will take place on Saturday, October 8th at 1 PM EST (1800 UTC) and our time "4pm CET" in Europe will last at least a few hours.

Make sure to download and install both modifications:

Battlefield Pirates
Galactic Conquest 8.1

Connect with other BF1942 mod fans and stay up-to-date on server events. See you on the battlefield!

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