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Navigation BWT-Badewiese-statistics Ranking BF1918 by |BWT| Badewiese - next_stop_berlin - 23:14:29 16|05|2018

BF1918 by |BWT| Badewiese Starttime: 23:14:29 16|05|2018
Mod: bf1918
GameID: 141240
Game-Mode: GPM_CQ
Map: next_stop_berlin
Game-Time: 30
Player-Limit: 24
Score-Limit: 10
Spawn-Time: 8
Friendly-Fire (Soldiers): 50
Friendly-Fire (Vehicles): 50
TKs punished?: 0
Deathcam-Type: 0
Starttime: 23:14:59 16|05|2018 Endtime: 23:44:59 16|05|2018
Axis started with: 478 Tickets
Allied started with: 478 Tickets
Axis finished with: 478 Tickets
Allied finished with: 124 Tickets
Team 1 won the game!
Rank Player Team Score Kills Deaths TKs Attacks
# Player Score Kills Deaths
# Player Score Kills Deaths

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