Death Bubbles Need To Be On

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Death Bubbles Need To Be On

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Why have they been turned off? I just came from Tobruk where Vasek was sitting in red main camping bots.

There was about 2 minutes left when I got in. It was Strada and Vasek vs one newb red guy with 10 points. Obviously just got there too. So it was basically 2 vs 0.WHAT??? STRADA WAS PLAYING LIKE A LITTLE SISSY???? NOOOOOO! SAY IT AIN'T SO! pfffff Then the loser Vasek bragged about having 0 deaths with a human in server. What kind of a loser brags about cheating? Such a huuuuge loser Vasek is. At least Strada kept his mouth shut after he spawn camped.

Know what EVERYBODY else thinks? You're a base camping loser with no skill. Strada too. Every time I come into Tobruk and Strada is there spawn camping he leaves.

Then they both left after Tobruk. Strada knew he sucks vs any human player so I get that. But big mouth Vasek left because he too knew he sucks vs human players. He sure as hell wouldn't have beaten me 1v1. pffff NOT IN THIS LIFETIME NEWB.

So yeah, death bubbles around bases need to be turned back on.