x1 and Hertag Jan

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x1 and Hertag Jan

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So after Hertag teamstacking today, I finally got a game with 2vs1. It was Bocage, x1 and Hertag Jan were my opponents. I EASILY dominated them until another joined me and made it 2vs2. Pretty much sealing the deal. Then they started getting pissy after I said to Jan ,
"Now I know why you need to teamstack 5 vs 1. You suck so badly." after I dispatched them both then took mill flag.
Jan kept asking if I had money and something about an old game and I can't afford a new computer or some dumb ass crap like that. I play this game because nobody can just buy a super weapon pack as a lvl 1 player. Everybody in bf1942 gets the same weapons, same vehicles. The only difference is skill level. I save my money for $6000 downhill MTB and $4000 slopestyle bike for the street. Polluting the air I have to breathe with gasoline combustion engines is stupid. But back to the story at hand.

So after none of that worked they jumped to the "he's a kid" burns. x1 even went as far as to say "little kid with no education". So funny. So I wasted them on Bocage. Next map at the start I said, "So if I'm a little kid with no education then a little kid with no education just kicked your asses."|||

They both left the server.


This kinda thing makes my day! Makes my DAY!

Just play fair. Keep the teams even and you would NEVER hear anything from me. But you don't so I post screenshot after screenshot of you cheaters base raping, team stacking, wall glitching.....just grow a set, pick a team, keep them even and win fairly. That's what real men and women do. They play fair and win or lose FAIRLY. Perhaps, and this is my guess, you just can't hack it without cheating because you're just not that good at this game. I've been playing it for 19 years. I was playing in Battle Ladder Tourneys with Lumberjacks and DCBB before these hacks even knew the game existed I'm sure. Even now they're scratching their heads. Battle Ladders? What is he talking about? Yeah.........