balance in DC

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balance in DC

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unbalanced humans in DC spoils the game. last night just me versus 3 others . outcome inevitable- no fun.

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Re: balance in DC

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You'll NEVER have balance in this server. EVER.

They have ONE admin, Basilone. And Basilone is ONE OF THE WORST TEAM STACKERS IN THE SERVER. He also keeps recommending to Spion (owner) to turn autobalnce to +3 which makes the teams 3 vs 1 capable. It has to be 4 vs 1 before it turns on IF it does at all.

He's a liar too. He claims to have been an admin for years in a different server yet he doesn't know:

1. When you can't switch teams instantly you need to leave the server and re-enter. EA Games has the exact same bug in their DC server. ANYONE THAT WAS AN ADMIN FOR YEARS WOULD KNOW THIS.

2. Coop means bots and humans on the same team. It does NOT mean you can stack one side full of humans. ANYONE THAT WAS AN ADMIN FOR YEARS WOULD KNOW THIS.

3. Autobalance doesn't turn on for bots. He has claimed to me MANY times that autobalance works for bots. No, a bot will get completely disconnected from server when a human enters. It will appear in the grey text notification area of screen that it is disconnected. ANYONE THAT WAS AN ADMIN FOR YEARS WOULD KNOW THIS.

I got banned by Basilone, King Of The Team Stackers for calling him out on his team stacking. He's a big baby with a big ban hammer that can't handle leaving a server and re-entering to help make the games balanced and fun. That's too much trouble, all 15 seconds of it.

Well I'm banned but I was pretty much the only one that would take the time to exit and re-enter the server to balance the humans so don't look to me to help fix any more games. I switched EVERY time the humans were off balance. EVERY TIME.